Hello Cebuano Riders!

If you want to know how to actually request (aka book) an Uber ride in Cebu, you’ve come to the right place. This is a tutorial on how you can do just that.

The Uber Rider App is fairly easy to use. But before we do any requesting, make sure that you have downloaded the Uber Rider App on your smartphone. Here are the download links for Android and iOS.

After downloading your Uber Rider App, make sure that you register. Refer to this tutorial on how to register for an Uber Rider Account in Cebu.

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Once you’ve downloaded and signed up, you’re ready to request for your Uber Ride in Cebu!

Open the Uber Rider App and follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Set Pickup Location Button

This will set the pick-up pin for the driver to know your pick-up location. Make sure that your pin is correct so the driver can pick you up easily. You can move around the pin to get the exact address OR you can also type in the field above a landmark near you.

You will also see here how many available Uber cars are near your location and their ETA.

STEP 2: Request your Uber

Once your pick-up pin is correct, you can directly click on the (3) Request button.

You can also add some details in this screen. By clicking the (+) at (2), you can set your destination. You can click on (2.1) to get a fare estimate of how much your trips would cost from the pick-up point to the destination; refer to this post about fare estimate. If you wish to apply a promo code, click on (2.2) or refer to this post on how to redeem a promo code. You can add pickup details for your driver to spot you easily ex. color of your shirt, landmark or any specifics. After inputting all these, you can click on the (3) “Request uberX” Button.

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STEP 3: Wait for your Uber

Once Uber has found you the nearest available car, make sure you’re ready and waiting for it to arrive at your pick-up point. It’s very important that you take note of the following details:

  • Make and model of car
  • Plate Number
  • Driver’s Name

Don’t let your Uber wait longer than 5 mins because they can cancel the ride, refer to this article about Uber’s cancellation policy. If you’ll be a bit late, better inform the driver via call or text. The contact details are also given in the app. Remember, communication is key.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’ll be picked up from Mactan-Cebu International Airport, text your driver of your flight details (flight number and place of origin). Apparently, airport security does not allow Uber/GrabCar to enter the arrival area unless they have these details.

STEP 4: Rate your Driver

After the trip, you’ll be asked to rate your driver. If nothing major happened, make sure to give your driver a 5-star rating.


Can I request for a specific vehicle Make and Model?

We’ve gotten a lot of inquiries like this. Some riders want to specifically request for an Innova or Vios. Unfortunately, Uber only allows you to book a vehicle category (UberX or Black Car) BUT NOT the specific vehicle model. So you better wish the assigned vehicle to you is the one you want. If you need help how to request for an Uber ride, refer to this tutorial.

Technically, there’s a workaround here. You can always cancel a request once you learned which vehicle is assigned to you and request for another one. However, remember that there’s a 5 minute cancellation policy that charges you a Php 100 cancellation charge is you cancel after 5 minutes. Click here to know more about Uber’s Cancellation Policy. Also, if you do this, you have to remember that Uber gives your request to the nearest driver available; so if you cancel the request and book again right after, you’ll still probably get the same vehicle.

Can I cancel a booking request?

Of course you can. But remember that there’s a Cancellation Fee of Php 100 if you canceled request after more than 5 minutes from requesting. Also, based on firsthand experience, if you have too many cancellations as a rider (limit is about 5-6 consecutive times of cancelling), Uber will temporarily block your account and you won’t be able to request for a ride for 24-48hours.

What is Uber Cancellation Policy


Can I request for a ride in advance?

Some riders would want to book for their ride in advance (ex. hours in advance, the night before, etc).

Unfortunately, this is not allowed in the Uber platform. The whole point of Uber is to request for a ride on-demand which means you request for a ride when you are ready to take the trip. Don’t worry because Uber is available 24/7 in your city.

Can I request for a ride going outside the service area in Metro Cebu?

Technically, Uber is only available in Metro Cebu coverage service area from Consolacion in the north down to Talisay in the south. The entire Mactan Island (including the international airport) is included in the coverage too.

Uber cebu covered service area


For Riders whose destination is outside of the covered service area,  partners/drivers may opt to decline trips. It’s the discretion of the partner/driver to accept or not if your destination is outside the service area. So we suggest that you ask nicely and make it worth their time, effort and gasoline. Please consider as well that they may have a hard time finding riders from outside the service area going back to Metro Cebu, so we recommend you either give them a tip, cover their gasoline expense at least going back; or let them end the trip when their back in Metro Cebu. We also did an article about this for Metro Manila, you can also refer there.

Rider Tip: Can I Request for Uber Ride to a Destination Outside Metro Manila?


What if I don't have a credit card?

When signing up for an Uber account, Uber requires you to register a credit card.


But if you don’t have a credit card, we’ve found out that you can actually use a debit/prepaid card for as long as there’s VISA or MASTERCARD logo in your card. You may refer to our article about how to register in Uber if you don’t have a credit card. There are suggestions of prepaid cards/debit cards that we’ve tried ourselves and some basic hacks in case you encounter some errors..


Tips: How to Register In Uber If You Don’t Have A Credit Card


Can I pay via cash?

Late last 2015, Uber rolled out their cash payments. So you can actually pay for your rides in cash. All you need to do is change the payment option before requesting for a ride. Refer to our article below about cash payments in Uber.


When you choose cash as your payment option, you cannot change the payment method while you’re on trip. So be sure that you have enough cash with you when you request for a cash transaction.

Rider Tip: Uber Manila now accepts cash payments


Hope this article helped. Let us know in the comments sections if you have any questions or suggestions. You can also reach us at info@ubercebutips.com. We would love to hear from you!

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