How To Join Uber Cebu and be an Uber Partner or Driver

First, we want you to refer to UberMNLTips’ TNVS FAQs to know more about the LTFRB regulation that now governs ridesharing or you can also refer to Uber’s Guide.

Second, we recommend you read this article about what being accredited and regulated means for partners & drivers to know more the business you’re interested to get into.

If you need a list of the accepted cars (make and model) for Uber, refer here.

Step 1: Create Partner Profile
  1. Go to 

Fill in the necessary information. Choose the city you want to drive in (i.e. Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines).


  • Under ‘City’, select the option “Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines.” Wait for the autocomplete drop-down menu.
  • If you sign up as a Partner-Driver through our referral link, and email us at to receive your FREE Uber Cebu Ebook Guide.


2. Select your Uber Partner Account Type:

  • Select Partner-Driver: If you will drive your OWN CAR .
  • Select Partner-Operator: If you are a car owner and you plan to have someone else drive the vehicle (e.g. hired driver/s,friend, relative, etc).

Refer to this post to know the difference between Partner-Operator and Partner-Driver.

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You will see this message when indicating that you’ve successfully created an Uber Cebu Partner Account.

Uber Cebu Partner Registration2

You will also receive an email (see below) from notifying that you’ve registered as an Uber Partner in Cebu. There’s also instructions reminding you what to do next.

Uber Cebu Partner Registration Email from Uber Cebu

Step 2: Register your Banking Details

In your dashboard, click on the “Banking” at the lower left of the menu.

Uber Cebu Partner Registration Banking Details

Then, you will be taken to this page: Provide the necessary details.

Uber Cebu Partner Registration Banking Details2

 Important Notes:

  • Make sure the name you register is the exact name of the bank account you’re trying to enroll
  • The Uber registered partner and the name on the registered bank account does NOT need to be the same (ex. you are the registered Uber Partner and you want the payments to be transferred to the account of your wife)
  • For Bank SWIFT/BIN Code, refer to this link.
  • Payments are done weekly. Cut-off is every Monday 4am after which the payment is transferred/wired directly to your enrolled bank account. There’s usually 1-2 days processing so expect your payout earliest Tuesday night, latest Thursday evening depending on bank.
  • Most banks charge a receiving fee/ remittance charge for incoming money transfers (which means every weekly payout) usually about Php 100-200. Here’s our review of the best bank for receiving your Uber payouts. We prefer using Eastwest Bank because they don’t charge a receiving fee

**UPDATE: If you’d like to know the best bank and account type to enroll for Uber Banking, refer to this post.**

Step 3: Enroll a Driver
After receiving the confirmation email, you can login to your Uber Partner Dashboard [] to complete your account setup. Uber Cebu Partner Registration4.2 add driver First, you can add Driver (see screen below). You’ll need the following details about your driver/s: Driver Name, Cellphone Number, Email Address, Username and Password (you’ll create these) .       Uber Cebu Partner Registration4.3 add driver Then, you have to upload the documentary requirements for the driver. Requirements:

  1. Professional Driver’s License  + OR
  2. NBI Clearance
  3. PNP Clearance (have this ready for TNVS Accreditation)

If you plan to drive, simply upload the Driver Requirements in your own profile as seen below. You can add several drivers including yourself. Uber Cebu Partner Registration5 profile

NOTE: If you are a Partner-Operator but you DO NOT plan to drive, you don’t need to upload any of these documents at all. Just make sure your driver has all these requirements.

If you have an existing Partner account and want to add a driver, Refer here.

Step 4: Enroll a Vehicle
After registering the driver, you need to add a vehicle in you Uber Partner Dashboard. Indicate these details about your vehicle: model, make, year, color of interior and exterior. Uber Cebu Partner Registration6 add vehicle Then, upload the required documents as follows:

  1. Proof of Vehicle Registration: LTO Registration/ ORCR/ Sales Invoice
  2. Proof of Insurance: Comprehensive or TPL
  3.  Four (4) Pictures of your vehicle: Front External View (License/Conduction Sticker visible), Rear External View (License/Conduction Sticker visible), Inside View Dashboard Console and Inside View Backseat

Uber Cebu Partner Registration7 add vehicle

Important Notes:

  • Make sure the documents are valid and not expired, expiration date is correct and documents are clearly seen
  • Model of the vehicle must be at least 3 years old or newer from year of application (as per LTFRB Regulation).  If you’ll register in 2016, car should be 2013 and up.
  • You can add multiple vehicles in your Uber Partner account.
  • The name on the Proof of Registration and Proof of Insurance has to be the SAME
  • The name of the Uber Registered Partner (account holder) and the name on the Proof of Registration and Insurance does NOT need to be the same. Ex. you plan to be an Uber Registered Partner but you will use your friend/relative’s vehicle.
  • Read our guide for TNVS Accreditation if vehicle is not under your name:
  • Uber will deduct a Passenger Accident Insurance on your first pay out. This is Php 165 per passenger per year. This depends on the passenger capacity of your vehicle. Sample computation 5 seats (4 passenger + 1 driver) x Php 165 = Php 825 per year.
  • If you have an account and want to add a vehicle,refer to this post to know how.

IMPORTANT: If you are NOT the car owner of the vehicle you registered with Uber, you MUST read this article about getting TNVS and LTFRB Accreditation if vehicle is not under your name.

Step 5: Submit Provisional Authority Requirements for LTFRB Accreditation
Once you are successful in your registration as a Parnter with Uber, you’ll need to get the Provisional Authority (PA) from LTFRB before you can go to the driver onboarding and start driving. Don’t worry, Uber will process this on your behalf so no need to go individually to LTFRB. All you need to do is submit your initial requirements.

  1. Notarized SPA with Uber
  2. Filled up TNVS Motion for PA (no need to be notarized)
  3. Signed Engagement Letter
  4. Vehicle Details in Excel (*.xls) format
  5. Proof of Filipino Citizenship (NSO or Passport)
  6. OR/CR or Sales Invoice/Delivery Receipt of the vehicle

If you need help accomplishing or filling up the the requirements, refer here. Once you’ve signed and prepared the requirements, you need to them upload here:


REMEMBER: Make sure to submit your requirements as soon as possible. You won’t be able to drive unless you have submitted all the requirements.

*Have questions about TNVS? Here’s UberMNLTips TNVS FAQs*

**Click here for Uber’s TNVS Guide**

Step 6: Driver On-Boarding/ Orientation
Once you’ve uploaded the requirements, all the drivers are required to undergo a Driver Orientation and Onboarding. Here, Uber will orient the drivers how to use the system. After this, Uber will do a background check and results will be released via e-mail after 7 business days.

Important Notes:

  • Make sure to UPLOAD all the requirements first before going in for Onboarding. Drivers with incomplete requirements will not be allowed to attend the Onboarding Session.
  • Please bring your Professional Drivers License, NBI Clearance and PNP Clearance to the onboarding.
  • No need to bring the vehicle for physical inspection.
  • You can go for Driver On-Boarding as soon as you’ve uploaded all the requirements above. No need to wait for the document status to be “Active”.
  • Only those who will be driving are required to attend (example: if you sign up as a Partner-Operator but do NOT plan to drive – only your DRIVER needs to attend onboarding.)
Step 7: Download Uber Partner Driver App
Once you have an active driver and vehicle and you have been issued the Provisional Authority from LTFRB , you can start to go online and stat driving using your own Smartphone! Download the Uber Partner Driver App here:


After you’ve submitted your TNVS requirements and attended the Driver Onboarding*, you can go online and drive immediately.

*Make sure that you have an active driver and active vehicle in your account.

Welcome Uber Partner!

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