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Which Bank is Best to Receive Uber Payout in Cebu?

Welcome fellow Uber Cebu partner! If you are a new partner, one of the critical things you need to consider is choosing the best bank to receive your payouts. A quick reminder that Uber pays our trips weekly and they remit it in our nominated banking accounts in the...

How to Request for an Uber Ride in Cebu?

Hello Cebuano Riders! If you want to know how to actually request (aka book) an Uber ride in Cebu, you’ve come to the right place. This is a tutorial on how you can do just that. The Uber Rider App is fairly easy to use. But before we do any requesting, make...

List of Accepted Cars in Uber Cebu 2016

Are you an aspiring Uber Partner in Cebu? Then, you probably want to know the accepted vehicles in Uber Cebu. Refer to the table below for a quick guide. Here’s a list of accepted cars for Uber Cebu: At the moment, Uber Cebu does not accept vans and pick-ups....

What is Surge Pricing?

Surge pricing is when Uber increases the normal fare when the demand of rider request in an area is high and the supply of drivers are low. This usually happens during peak or rush hours but NOT all the time. Surge pricing ranges from 1.2x up to >5.3x the normal...

How much is Uber in Cebu?

Hello Cebuanos! We’ve noticed a lot of people asking how much is Uber in Cebu. So we bring you this article to learn more about Uber Cebu Pricing. First, you need to know that Uber has several “product types” or vehicle categories. They have low cost...

Uber Cebu Promo Code 2016: GET PHP200 OFF!

Welcome Uber Cebu, Welcome 2016! Get a FREE RIDE worth up to Php 200 when you sign up! Use Promo Code: UBERCEBUTIPS Click here to Sign Up with Uber. Want to know how to redeem and apply this promo code? Refer to this post. If you invite your friends to sign up with...

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